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Our Charity Partner - White Bikes Foundation

The White Bike Foundation exists to educate and protect road-sharers.

In 2015, Joel Hawkins was hit by a car while cycling on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Joel was 17 years old and pursuing a dream when his journey was cut short.

We believe that everybody has the right to use the road safely and complete their journey.

This foundation- and the work that they do means alot to us. We, Jessie and Adam, are both avid cyclists and bike enthusiasts, Adam rides bmx, and Jessie rides daily on her commutes (only if it's not raining). 

Adam has a collection of custom bikes, including a flat bar single speed, 2x low riders, and a trike. Jessie benefits greatly from Adams bike skills and has a bmx, vintage bike and a long board, currently in the making to have a brake cable attached for some safer cruising. Might do a blog post on that when it's finished.

Knowing that the White Bike Foundation is spreading awareness for all road users keeps us feeling safe and enthusiastic about being on Melbourne's roads. The future is brighter, thanks to White Bike Foundation. Remember, #think2

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Sustainable Hair Accessories

We love recycling, up-cycling and finding plastic free options for our hair and our home and we wanted to share our best picks with you that include great eco options and eco products that are sustainable and perfect for your hair.


We are accepting wholesale applications from boutique retailers, whole food shops, salons and gift stores.    

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