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Our Eco Difference

This is what sets aside from other hair ties and gives us a sustainable edge that we know you will love and appreciate: 


UP-CYCLED We use a design process called up-cycling for the main raw materials that go into our supple and hardworking Eco Hair Ties which means we are able to give new life to a material that would otherwise go directly to landfill. And what is the waste material? We predominantly use bicycle inner tubes and treat these over a period of time using non-toxic natural methods so that they are silky smooth and ready for their next journey with your hair 


 LIMITING NEW MATERIALS Most commonly used hair ties rely on the growing, creation and making of elastane, water intensive cottons and non-renewable materials like polyester however, our bands don't solely rely on the production of new materials to be created, grown or made as we have created a process that allows us to turn waste materials into a new resource that we use as the base for our hair ties 


    ZERO PLASTIC Our hair ties contain no plastics or polyester, the majority of hair ties available are made using elastane and polyester which are derived from plastics leading to micro plastics going into our oceans and waterways

    BUILT TO LAST, SOFTLY Thanks to our fused flat band design there are no snags and no weak points that could lead to early breakage but thanks to our closed loop design you can return the broken ones to us so that we can ensure that they are repurpose for the future



    LOW TO ZERO EMISSIONS As we are working with pre-existing materials and mostly by hand we are able to operate the manufacturing process with very little to no emissions 






    DESIGNED TO NOT GET LOST by holding firm in your hair so they don’t fall out, even in the most active of sports like surfing, but also soft enough so that they don’t damage or pull your hair when removing- you literally have to try these to see for yourself!


    ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING by making use of our custom designed aluminium tins and kraft paper sachets created to be recycled and reused. And with ECO POSTAGE our postage satchels are sourced from Compostabubble to be able to be composted back into Mother Nature and our partnership with Future Neutral means that you can offset your postage emissions with them


      The product that our hair ties are made into once you are no longer using them, an eco astroturf most commonly used now in playground flooring CLOSED LOOP our designing doesn't finish once our product has left the workshop- there’s lots to unpack here so we’ve dedicated a whole page to our closed loop model that you can read here!





        MADE ON THE SURF COAST NEAR MELBOURNE using materials that are all sourced locally 

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          Sustainable Hair Accessories

          We love recycling, up-cycling and finding plastic free options for our hair and our home and we wanted to share our best picks with you that include great eco options and eco products that are sustainable and perfect for your hair.


          We are accepting wholesale applications from boutique retailers, whole food shops, salons and gift stores.    

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