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Our Impact

By purchasing our products you make a direct impact to benefiting our environment, reducing waste and creating better solutions and initiatives, to encourage others to live a waste less lifestyle.

This week we have saved:

157 inner tubes from landfill

YAY! By purchasing our products you have diverted this waste from going into landfill AND together we have:

- Conserved landfill space and the resources needed to break this down

- Saved energy that would otherwise have been used to dispose of these materials

- Created a safer future by encouraging repurposing and sustainable choices

Our aim is to always improve and look for ways to better ourselves and the environment. 

Blog posts

Oct 15, 2021

Words For Your Younger Self

17 years old . I wasn’t allowed to drink, drive or vote. I was apparently mature enough to know what career I wan...

Sep 24, 2021

Sustainable Hair Accessories

We love recycling, up-cycling and finding plastic free options for our hair and our home and we wanted to share our best picks with you that include great eco options and eco products that are sustainable and perfect for your hair.


We are accepting wholesale applications from boutique retailers, whole food shops, salons and gift stores.    

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