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Words For Your Younger Self

Words For Your Younger Self

17 years old . I wasnt allowed to drink, drive or vote. I was apparently mature enough to know what career I wanted to pursue though. I felt totally overwhelmed and at a loss when the careers advisor asked me what uni courses I wanted to apply for. Where I wanted to tie my student loan too and invest the next 3-4 yrs of my lifeI was stumped. Was I meant to have had it all figured out? Should I have my life plan mapped out on some butchers paper already?

Instead I was off getting my belly button pierced, hanging out with friends, going to house parties and making mix tapes. I wasnt a crazy off the rails teenager, I just wasnt super passionate about studying, and didnt have a clear idea of what path to head downat the time I felt like this was a massive failure on my part. I had to put down 8 preferences for courses, so I sought out external guidance.

What should I choose? What do you think Id be good at? I never fully trusted, or truly asked myself what I was being drawn too.

My choices ended up ranging from Human Movement and Outdoor Ed, to Nursing to Occupational Therapy. I got into Nursing, my 6th preference, at a regional Uni 2 1/2 hours away from home. Do you think I was pumped??! The most exciting thing about it all, the one thing that filled my being with joybeing able to defer for a year and head overseas. 

I was free to be me, without expectations, without preconceived ideas of who I should be, of what society had boxed me as. Oh, the beauty and wonder of nature, of new horizons, landscapes, new cultures, adventures, new friends, escaping the predictability of life and feeling the most amount of freedom I had ever felt. This freedom felt light, warm, invigorating and I felt at homewithin myself. I spent time with a best friend exploring and soaking up the most beautiful sights of the world. Just to sit, witness and breathe in these experiences was so awakening. I still didnt know that these moments and feelings were the glimpses that would eventually draw me to my purpose, the answer to the elusive why am I here in this lifetimequestion. I wish someone at that point had told me about the importance of my gut intuition and how it provides the most soulful guidance.


Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash - Hoi An, Vietnam

Fast forward 20 years… I have been nursing for 14 years now with a break for maternity leave. Patients often ask, do you like your job?”… And I dobutIve always felt that there was something else for me. I love connecting with people and holding their hands in some of their most anxious moments. I love being in an operating theatre and seeing all the incredible marvels of medicine and the body. But does it give me that same light, warm, and invigorating feeling when Im lit up about something? Would I feel a void without it in my life? Ill be truthful, the answers no.

I always figured a job was just a job, some people happened to be passionate about theirs, others didnt. That warmth and glow that fills me whether in nature, connecting with a friend on a soul level, or when I revel in the light of women expanding and growing, were just lovely occurrences that topped my cup upseemingly separate to what I was taught work could be. I now know differently.

This past year has been epic and cray cray on so many levels, but on a soul level for me, its been the most enlightening and expansive. I have come home to my why. Where did I discover it? It wasnt a discovery as much as a remembering. It was there all along. I just needed to sit in the stillness and silence long enough to hear it. And surprise, surprise - it merged together all of those elements that make my heart sing -

  • Nature
  • Nurturing
  • Connection
  • Creativity

It wasnt a sudden epiphany. It was a year of nudges, of synchronicities, of guidance and me staying open and listening. And then, the jigsaw pieces of my purpose starting to fall into place. The pure scent of Wild Orange essential oil drew me in, and through the pure plant power of essential oils I have connected with nature in a whole new way, and a new path has appeared that I previously didnt know existed. Being able to open up that little bottle of oil and use it to uplift, ground, soothe and guide me through so much healing and growth has been beautiful. My heart swells just thinking about the opportunity they have gifted me to live a life with passion, empowerment and freedom. I am now so grounded in my vision to inspire women to fall in love with their own inner light - their worthiness, their uniqueness, their value, their strength.

To encourage women to take time for themselves, to honour their bodies and their cycles, and how these somewhat simple shifts can bring harmony, joy, love and positive energy back into their beings, and this, brings the biggest smile on my face.

As a 17yr old I would not have had the wisdom, confidence or self-esteem to hold this vision. I would not be the person I am right now without the experiences I have had, and the career that I chose, and continue to work in. Nursing has been a wonderful part of my journey, but as I have expanded and grown, I have manifested something more aligned and inspiring.

I would have loved to have been encouraged to listen to that inner whisper at an earlier age, to have learnt to know the difference between the strong yesor nogut responses and the true guidance that can be delivered in the stillness when we listen within.

These are the things that I wish I was told when thinking about my career

That it can encompass so much more than just a job.

That its ok if it changes.

That following your heart is a valid choice.

That an option that is deemed to not make enough money isnt a reason to not chase it. That the whispers of your heart, gut or subconscious mind are all worth listening to. That practically thinking it throughdoesnt always trump it feels right. and these will guide you a lot further in living a life of purpose and alignment, far broader than just your job, than your school career counsellor, parents or society will.      

Sotune out the external noise, dial down the ego talk and settle in stillness with the voice within. Connect with it, feel it, embrace itand follow it.

Dont dim your light, you were made exactly as you are for a reason, go discover what that is,

it just may take you to places of freedom, peace and abundance that you never imagined.

Light and Love


If youre yearning for more simple ways to bring light into your being or essential oils in your life, you can find me on Insta @stateofananda. Id love to connect with you!!

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