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Why Did We Start Eco Hair Ties?

Why Did We Start Eco Hair Ties?

Simply put, there was an obvious gap in the market that we felt needed to be filled.

When people are thinking about making sustainable swaps in everyday life, they usually believe it's a ‘go big or go home’ type of situation which just isn't the case, and that’s what we wanted to show!

Usually we turn to changes like cars, lightbulbs, power consumption and all that other complicated stuff to change our negative impact on the planet to a positive one.

But that’s the thing - it doesn't have to be that complicated at all! Making a positive change in your life to be gentle with our environment can be literally tying your hair. 

Our little tribe has always wanted to put our needs for sustainability at the top of our priority list but didn't want to make life harder for ourselves.

Being environmentally conscious has always had a bad wrap when it comes to cost, convenience and aesthetic - so it was our mission to change that. 

Because if you can’t find what you need, make it yourself and that’s what we did! 

We created Eco Hair Ties to be all about environmentally sustainable but easy-to-use products that are more than what meets the eye. It's super important to us that our products reflect our commitment to sustainable living through even the smallest things. 

We strongly believe that even the smallest steps towards a sustainable world can make a huge difference.

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