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A Conversation with  the Inspiring INDIE ROSE

A Conversation with the Inspiring INDIE ROSE

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?
Through INDIE ROSE we supply ritual tools to promote & activate inner radiance, from mediations, using affirmations while apply 100% natural body oils & intentional jewellery. Everything we create has 24k gold in it to amplify the intent & prayers when used.
What kickstarted your journey into becoming a business owner? Was there a particular moment in time?
Hello I am Claire the founder of INDIE ROSE, I started the business in 2019 after becoming a mother & feeling a deep calling to step more into a space of inspiring women to love themselves more than ever before. During my pregnancy I went deeper than ever into my cellular body working with 'golden light' or 'golden frequency' through my body to transform & transmute energy, this is a very special offering that I have now tailored to be available to women whom wish to journey deeper into their inner radiant sovereignty. I want to work for myself & be my own boss, offering services that light my heart on fire & give me that energy that I cant wait to work on projects.
Tell us, what does sustainability mean to you?
A LOT, IF I COULD LIVE IN A WORLD WITH.... zero unproductive waste & harmful chemicals, 100% recycling facilities on all materials, businesses/consumers able to easily access materials that have respectfully been harvested from the earth with 100% priority into the process of regeneration & giving back to earth 100% more than has been taken....THEN I'D BE VERY HAPPY! It's something I want to be part of in my life time for all the future generations.

Starting a business can be overwhelming to say the least. What equipped you for being a business women and what was the final deciding factor?

I have never liked conventional, I have always lived outside the box & each step I have taken in life has led me to where I am right now. I want to be a wealthy woman who makes exquisite offerings to life, I want to invest in land & nature to regenerate & create sanctuaries. My conviction to invest everything I have in every spare moment to my business is wanting life my life intentionally & living my full soul expression. This in its current form is expressed through INDIE ROSE wanting to touch as many women as possible, sharing energy & cheering them on to be fabulously in love with themselves.

Every business owners journey isn’t complete without it’s share of challenges and obstacles, were there any that you wanted to share with us?

I invest everything into my business, the 3 days I'm not with my daughter each week I spend every breath investing my time & energy into growing my brand. An obstacle is wearing all the hats at the same time ahahaha! CEO, marketing, production....the list is endless! I'm ready to expand the brand and share some of the roles.

What were the unexpected rewards or highlights?
Doing stuff I never knew I was capable of, following one step at a time & staying attuned to the intention of what I'm creating, I am doing stuff I had no idea was in my life plan. Meeting & connecting with some truely incredible people & setting a much larger vision & goals for where I want to take it.

Being a business owner can be unpredictable and lead to moments of self-doubt. Is this a part of your founder story? And if so, what does this look like for you? How do you overcome it?

Absolutely relate to this, self doubt is something I stay very aware of and work with myself with the self love tools I have accumulated to work though the process back to bad ass empowered woman who doesn't doubt a single aspect of herself. A massive part of what I do with INDIE ROSE is to inspire, activate & cultivate a whole new level of self TRUST within the hearts of women.

By contrast, what are dreams and goals for starting your business  – how do you hope the world benefits from it?

To create exquisite tools to be used to transform women, to activate their true inner beauty, radiant sovereignty, for women to lead with their energy tanks full or over flowing, for their services & offerings to be amplified by them simply loving themselves. With the business I'd like to become more sustainable each year, for everything to be made from 100% recycled material. For INDIE ROSE to invest money in earth regeneration practices & sustainability. I want to get our tools into a millions womens homes, for them to hear our message & feel the power of our offerings.

What are the key relationships in your life that have been fundamental to your journey?

The relationship with myself has inspired the journey, my own love for myself & how I didn't ever want my tank to run out and not be able to provide for my daughter. Welcoming my daughter into my body & then birthing her into the world has profoundly changed my life and so many levels, we have a very deep spiritual connection. My family have supported me from the very beginning, never doubting me & always cheering from the side lines, even though they live in England & we are in Australia. Watching the journeys of other women & men who have crafted & are living abundant, nourishing, soul led lives, never stops inspiring me.
Our ethos at Eco Hair Ties is encouraging balance. How do you incorporate balance into your life?
Mediation every day is my medicine, I practice vedic mediation everyday & do guided shamanic journeys whenever I need to go deeper into a vision. Spending time in nature & I love being at home with my daughter just having quite days thinking about nothing, simply being.
What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own thing?
JUST DO IT! Take each step at a time & follow your heart & your head.
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